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A few changes in how we do things online

We are making a few minor changes in the way we do things to make the no-charge services we offer less time-consuming to maintain, while still providing a useful, valuable service to our community.

1) Missing Pets: All missing pets will be posted to our Facebook/Twitter feeds with the #MissingPets tag. When you click on that tag, you’ll see the most recent posts tagged as missing pets. We are no longer maintaining a separate list on our website. If you share a photo of the missing pet on our Facebook wall, then we are given the option to “share” it on our page. This will allow you to have a bidirectional conversation with folks who may have spotted the pet (an instant alert.) It seems like the best, fastest way to communicate.

2) The online version of our Community Calendar is no longer available. We monitored the visits to that page and did not see enough traffic on that page to justify the amount of time and money we were spending to maintain it. There are now instructions on that page on how to submit your announcements to us for broadcast on radio.

We apologize if this causes any inconvenience to anyone, but from time to time, we have to take a close look at how much we can do for free and still do an effective job. Sometimes we need to make a few tweaks for things to run more smoothly. We wanted to get the word out so you will know what to expect moving forward.

Thanks for your continued support. -Tim

Feel free to share any post from the WKRK website that you feel is beneficial to your community. We encourage input from local law enforcement, government officials, emergency management officials, schools and other public service organizations. To send us information, use the form on our WKRK Info page.

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