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Big Changes at WKRK

I am very pleased to announce big changes on WKRK’s website.   Due to growth over the last few years, we felt it was the perfect time to create a better means to communicate with visitors of our website.   Times have changed, and we strive to keep up with those changes.

We now live in a world full of laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones that can do just about everything except scramble eggs (who knows, there may be an app for that too.)  We think our new website will better serve today’s fast-paced, mobile world.

WKRK’s website is now completely mobile-friendly! Responsive

What do the changes mean?  Our website is designed to look just as good on your smartphone or tablet as it does on your computer screen … without all the pinching, zooming and scrolling.

CATEGORIES:  This is one of my favorite features.  We will now be tagging all our posts according to the categories they belong to.  Let’s say you live in Cherokee County.  From our main page, you can click the “NC-Cherokee County” category to read all the stories we have shared for your local area.  Want to see only the list of Missing Pets?  Then click the “Missing Pets” category to display only posts which contain missing pets.  It’s organized and it’s simple.

LISTEN LIVE:  Now, you can listen live to WKRK using the audio player from the main site.  It works with most computers, smartphones and tablets without having to download the TuneInRadio app.  If your device is not compatible, then we have a link to connect you to those other audio players you’re familiar with.

SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL:  Want us to email when we post a new story?  Then you’ll find a Subscribe box on our News page.  This will be especially handy for those of you who say that our posts don’t always show up in your Facebook news feed.   If it gets to be too many emails for you, then you can always unsubscribe or change your subscription settings.

WILL WKRK STILL POST ON FACEBOOK?  Yes and no.  We plan to share a lot of information on Facebook, but not 100% of what we post on our main website.  Facebook has been a great tool for us and we plan to continue using that to the best of our ability, but there are some areas that needed improvement.  That’s where our new website comes in.  For example, trying to find a post about a missing dog on Facebook required a LOT of scrolling back through all the posts.  With our new website, it’s as easy as clicking “Missing Pets” and looking back over the most recent posts in that category.

There was also an issue a week or so ago regarding the Tripp Halstead Updates page on Facebook.   The page is devoted to family members giving updates on this little baby boy and 374,000 people following that page offering support and prayer.  Someone reported the page as offensive, and family members were denied access to the page for a period of time.  So now, with our new page we have a little more control without having to worry about things like that.

Finally, I want to thank WKRK’s Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Narramore for her hard work on this new page.  She and I have exchanged ideas for quite some time now on how we can improve our services to the community.  Jennifer is the person responsible for the design and functionality of the new page.  She is great with organization.  I really think you’re going to like what she has put together for you.

We hope you’ll take some time to browse the page (and bookmark) and give us feedback:

Thanks to WKRK's Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Narramore for making our new website look great!

Thanks to WKRK’s Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Narramore for making our new website look great!

Feel free to share any post from the WKRK website that you feel is beneficial to your community. We encourage input from local law enforcement, government officials, emergency management officials, schools and other public service organizations. To send us information, use the form on our WKRK Info page.

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