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BRMEMC & TVA seek reductions of nonessential loads

Continued extremely cold temperatures have significantly increased power demand for both BRMEMC and TVA this week, as energy usage since yesterday reached near-record levels for TVA.  TVA’s power system realized a peak demand of over 30,100 megawatts on Wednesday morning, January 22 with an average valley-wide temperature of 14 degrees.  TVA’s all-time record for winter was set in January of 2009 when load reached 32,572 megawatts, and its overall all-time demand was set in August of 2007 when demand peaked at 33,482 megawatts.

TVA & BRMEMC expect extremely cold weather to continue through Friday morning (January 24), with TVA forecasting a peak load of over 33,000 MW.  At these levels, TVA electric supply reserves become significantly strained.  For this reason all of TVA’s 155 local power companies, like BRMEMC, are being asked to pursue discretionary actions from member-customers to avoid firm load reduction.  What this means is that TVA is asking local power companies as well as consumers to voluntarily conserve electricity to the maximum extent possible in an effort to prevent losing power supply altogether in some TVA-served areas.  Residential customers can achieve this goal by:

▪Postponing the use of electric appliances such as dishwashers, clothes dryers, and cooking equipment.

▪Minimizing / eliminating the use of heating to the extent possible.

▪Turning off nonessential lighting, appliances, and other electrical equipment.

BRMEMC General Manager Matthew Akins commented that, “We understand that this kind of conservation can be a temporary inconvenience to our customers, but it certainly is a better alternative than losing our electric feed altogether.  When TVA gets close to using all of its power supply reserves we must all work together to insure reliability of the electric grid, and continued provision of electricity to distributors like BRMEMC.”

BRMEMC will continue to update the status of the TVA power system as such information becomes available.  We will make efforts to notify the local radio stations, and other media outlets including those on the Internet like BRMEMC’s website ( as we are notified of changes.  Please contact BRMEMC for further information about this request at (706) 379-3121.

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