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Dog Attack reported in Bealtown area of Murphy

The following press release has been issued by Town of Murphy Police Department.

At 10:08 am, on August 6th, the Murphy Police Department received a call in reference to a dog attack in the Bealtown Area near the Forest Service Office off of Hiwassee Street.

The caller advised that two dogs had tried to attack her, but had already attacked three other persons in the area as well. One of these persons was carrying a baby at the time. The caller advised that the two dogs in question were currently laying in her yard. When Patrol Officer Samuel R. Allen and Patrol Officer Sky M. Beaver arrived on scene, the dogs had already left the area.

While they were searching the area, officers heard an elderly woman scream. When they were able to locate her, one of the dogs had her pinned against a fence trying to attack her. She kept the dog at bay with her prosthetic leg. When the dogs saw the officers, one of the dogs tried to attack them as well.

Unfortunately, having no other options, they then had to put one of the dogs down by shooting it. The other dog was able to be caught a short time later with a pole leash. After not being able to locate the owner of the dogs, the living dog was transported to the Valley River Humane Society by Murphy Town Maintenance. Only one of the dogs was wearing a collar, but it had no identification listed on it.

We had received multiple calls last week regarding these dogs but were not able to locate them at the time. Over the past two years the Murphy Police Department has had to respond to multiple calls regarding animal complaints inside the city. This is the first time we have had to shoot one of them. All of the others were safely transported to the Valley River Humane Society via an animal transport cage.

Justin J. Jacobs
Chief of Police
Murphy Police Department

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