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Found dog on Trout Cove Road in Brasstown

Trout CoveFrom Kristin Lynn Ellinwood:  “This little girl was at the end of Trout Cove Rd in Brasstown, NC.  I’m afraid someone has dropped her off because, she wouldn’t move from the spot that she was in for the entire day, she has an indent around her neck where a collar use to be and she is very good in the house.  She is very skiddish and is not very good around other dogs.   It’s not that she isn’t good with them, she is just a very nervous dog. If someone doesn’t claim her I’m going to have to take her to the Clay County Animal Shelter. I can be contacted by cell (text or call) or email.  My cell number is 828-371-9023 and my email address is I really hope she was not dropped off because, she really misses her family. She whines a lot , outside and inside of the house.”

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