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Information about Stopped School Buses from Murphy Police Department


The following message is from Chief Justin Jacobs of the Town of Murphy Police Department:

The Town of Murphy Police Department would like to remind all drivers that it is that time of year again to start watching for stopped school buses.

Last school year the Town of Murphy Police Department issued 13 citations regarding passing a stopped school bus here in the Town of Murphy. We we also like to remind everyone that not only passing a stopped school bus on the roadway is illegal, but also passing one in a Public Vehicular Area (PVA). Over half of the drivers we issued citations to last school year advised that they never saw the stopped school bus.

In the State of North Carolina a Driving While Impaired (DWI) violation constitutes 4 points on you drivers license, a Stop Arm Violation assesses 5 points. Drivers found guilty of this violation will have a mandatory court appearance, no Prayer for Judgement (PJC), increased court costs and fines and increased insurance premiums. A Stop Arm Violation is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. In the event a child is injured or killed by the driver, it becomes a Felony.

The Town of Murphy Police Department will be handing out Stop Arm Violation and Child Restraint information at the Murphy Elementary School this week. Should parents or guardians have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact us at (828) 837-2214. We hope that everyone has a safe and educational school year.

Thank You, Chief Justin J. Jacobs.

Stopping for a School Bus:  The following diagrams are to show who has to stop when approaching a stopped school bus, either from the front or the rear of said bus. Hopefully these diagrams will aid the drivers if they have any questions.  Click HERE for diagrams.

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