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Injured Cat found on Radford Road – UPDATE: CAT HAS PASSED AWAY

Update:  Jacob Helton tells WKRK that this cat has now passed away from what appears to be  gunshot wound that entered the cat’s back hip and exited through it’s abdomen.  We never like to bring you this type of news, but realize that the cat’s owners may be trying to locate him.  

A badly hurt brown striped “tabby” patterned cat with white facial and chest markings has been found on Radford Road. Cat appears to be severely injured and his mobility seems to be impaired. Will not allow approach, and at this time refuses food. As of writing it is currently hiding under vehicle and its condition appears to be degrading rapidly. Contact Jacob Helton at or 828-644-5028 for more information.

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Posted in NC-Cherokee County

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