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Community Calendar / PSA

Shop at AmazonTo send WKRK public service and church announcements, please email them to Emma Ramsey at or fax to (828) 837-8610.   We will read them on the radio from time to time as our schedule permits.  Because we get so many public service messages, we cannot post them all to Facebook and Twitter.  We have found that posting too many items on Facebook and Twitter causes folks to unsubscribe to our feed.  There is no guarantee on how many times free public service announcements will air on the radio.  If you want a guarantee, please contact Emma for advertising rates.

Remember, the sooner you get your announcement to us, the more time we have to promote it.  You are also welcome to call in live on our PartyLine show from time to time to promote your community event.

There are a few items that we cannot accept for free promotion.  If your announcement falls under one of these categories, please contact Emma for advertising rates.  We reach a vast audience and will be sure to help get your message out.

1) We cannot accept business promotion, marketing or the selling of any products or services on our Community Calendar.  Advertising revenue is our sole source of income.  Please contact WKRK for advertising rates to promote your business or services.

2) We can accept fundraising activities tied to a business or other organization only if 100% of the proceeds raised go to charity.

3) We can accept free announcements from non-profit organizations only if their board members, staff and volunteers all earn minimum wage or less for their services at the non-profit organization.

4) If you are buying advertising from another media outlet, such as newspaper, magazine, radio, billboard, TV, internet, etc., then please contact WKRK for advertising rates so that we may share your advertising budget.

5) We cannot accept any political messages (fundraisers, gatherings, issue-related messages, etc.) for free.  These announcements must go through our business office at 9o Tennessee Street, Suite B, Murphy, NC 28906.  All political or issue-related paperwork must be signed and filed in accordance with FCC, Federal, State and Local election laws.

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Feel free to share any post from the WKRK website that you feel is beneficial to your community. We encourage input from local law enforcement, government officials, emergency management officials, schools and other public service organizations. To send us information, use the form on our WKRK Info page.