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Scam: Callers posing as Macon County Sheriff’s Office are a fraud

Macon County NCThere are individuals that are calling and telling citizens that they are working for a company and represent the Macon County Sheriff’s Office and that there is a debt owed by the person receiving the telephone call.

The caller then informs the citizen that they owe a certain amount of money and if the debt is not paid immediately that the Sheriff will come at a specific date and time to retrieve property from their home worth the value of that debt.  THIS IS A SCAM and a method frequently used to defraud individuals of their personal funds.

The Macon County Sheriff’s Office will NOT have anyone call your residence or business to conduct business.  Only uniformed officers assigned to “Civil Process Unit” will conduct business related to any seizures or forfeitures pursuant to North Carolina Law and with the proper legal documentation signed by a Judge or other Judicial Official… NO EXCEPTIONS.   If you have been a victim of any such scams you are asked to contact your local law enforcement agency and report it.

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