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Suspicious activity reported by local business owner

Report Suspicious ActivityThe following news release has been issued by Chief Justin J. Jacobs of the Town of Murphy Police Department

On December 5th, 2013, a local salon owner reported to the Town of Murphy Police Department the following:

On December 4th, 2013, around 2:00 pm, a white male, unknown age, giving the name of “Dave” entered the salon advising the female attendant that the business owner had sent him there to service their video cameras in their back room. The female attendant advised that they did not have video┬ácameras in the business and he must have been mistaken. The male then briefly spoke with the female attendant, who at the time was in the business by herself, before a customer entered. At this time the male then left the business.

The male was described as having “salt and pepper” hair, no facial hair and wearing a polo shirt and jeans. The male was carrying no tools or any equipment indicating that he was a repairman. The male then left the area on foot. At this time we do not know if the person was an actual repairman who may have gotten confused on the business. However, the male advised the female attendant of the owner’s first name. At this time we do not know if the male had other intentions or not. The female attendant felt uneasy about this male and reported it to the business owner.

We would ask all business owners, as well as residents, to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement that they may witness or feel uncomfortable about. We will keep you updated if any future information is provided to us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank You, Chief Justin J. Jacobs.

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