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Travel Advisory from Towns County Sheriff’s Office

Towns County mapTowns County Sheriff’s Office deputies have been out since snow started falling today assisting stranded motorists, working wrecks and checking road conditions. They advise citizens not attempt to drive in the current conditions. Some main roads such as 76 may be passable for short distances, but ice and snow cover most of the local roads, resulting in sheets of ice in places. Especially dangerous are bridges and culvert crossings, and higher elevation roadways such as 76 E toward Clayton and 75 S toward Helen.

Four-wheel drive is only minimally helpful and travel should not be attempted except in a true emergency. Even then, motorists are encouraged to call someone at their destination and give a time frame for travel, even if it is a short distance. Information currently available advises that conditions will continue to deteriorate during the evening and night hours, with temperatures dipping to 12 degrees F or below, with snow flurries continuing.

If you are stranded, call 911 and report your location. Attempt to get the vehicle out of the road as much as possible. If you get a ride, please call this in to local dispatch (911). If you remain with your vehicle, remember to leave your windows down enough to allow fresh air to get into the car. Avoid running the engine as carbon monoxide can build up inside the passenger compartment. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, invisible gas caused by internal combustion engines.

Again, travel is NOT RECOMMENDED. There have been multiple crashes and stranded motorists throughout the day. Surrounding counties are facing similar conditions.

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