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Update regarding River Walk assault

Murphy River Walk (photo courtesy of the Town of Murphy)

Murphy River Walk (photo courtesy of the Town of The Murphy)

The following news release has been issued by Justin Jacobs, Chief of Police, Town of Murphy Police Department
The Murphy Police Department and the Murphy Town Hall have received many calls regarding the assault that occurred on the River Walk yesterday afternoon.  It is very unfortunate for the victim that this took place, but this is our top priority right now on locating a suspect.
At this time we have no further information than what was shared in the press release.  However, we will keep the public informed when we do. We would also advise the public that the River Walk is still safe to use, however we have a few recommendations:
  • Always walk with someone, never walk alone … not only for your physical safety, but in the event you had a medical condition.
  • When walking or running, do not use headphones or ear buds. This drastically decreases your ability to hear your surroundings.
  • If you see someone you think is suspicious, contact law enforcement. At least we would be able to identify the person and their reason for being there.
Officers of the Murphy Police Department, including myself, often run or walk the River Walk throughout the week and weekend and at random hours. Various parts of the River Walk are very beautiful, but are also very secluded. We would ask that regardless of where you are walking or running to always be aware of your surroundings.  Please feel free to contact Assistant Chief Dustin Smith, or myself, at the Murphy Police Department if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
Justin J. Jacobs
Chief of Police
Murphy Police Department
93 Peachtree St.
Murphy, NC 28906
(B) (828) 837-2214
(F) (828) 837-2002

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