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Violent altercation at Konehete Park makes it to YouTube

Cherokee County NCLast night, a concerned citizen sent us a link to a YouTube video showing two teenage females involved in a very violent altercation at Konehete Park in Murphy on Sunday.   Other teens stood around watching and captured up close video footage of the event and felt the need to share the fight on YouTube for the world to see.

After discussing the situation with Cherokee County Sheriff Lovin on WKRK this morning, we received many requests to share the video.  Due to the age of the individuals, the graphic language involved, and the ongoing investigation into the matter, we are not sharing the direct link.

The person who alerted us of the situation was concerned about bullying and wanted to make the community aware of the problem.  While we do not know if the situation was one motivated by bullying, an assault did happen that could have and should have been prevented.

The Town of Murphy Police Department, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Student Resources Officers are all in possession of the video for investigation and will take any appropriate actions.

Chief Justin Jacobs tells WKRK that both females have been identified.  One is a Murphy High School Student. The other female attends Murphy Middle School.  Other parties involved in the situation have also been identified.  Due to the preliminary investigation, no other information can be released at this time.

The video poorly represents our youth and our community.   We do hope that the persons involved in this situation are able to work out their differences in a more productive way and learn how to respect themselves and each other as a result of this experience.



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